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Alternative Therapies


At Ruqyah Shariyah, we use alternative therapies to assist in the holistic treatment of our patients. This is alongside Qur'anic reading and Sunnah remedies. We offer our patients the following therapies:

Hijaamah Cupping Therapy



Massage Therapy

If you feel that you or someone you know will benefit from our services, please contact us on 07737 194 677 

Online Store

We have a number of herbs that you can purchase online or in person that can help manage the symptoms of sihr.

Some of the products we stock include:

Hilqeet - can be eaten raw or can be boiled in water and drank.

Dam – al akhwain - Can be consumed in powder form, or consumed in cold water

Anaab ( Jujube berries ) - To be boiled and consumed as a herbal tea

Costul Hindi Powder - Can be consumed with honey

Sider Powder - To be used for bathing

Senna Leaves/Powder - Can be boiled in water and taken as tea. This is an extremely strong laxative so should be taken with caution

Bakhoor (Incense)  - To be burnt in the home

Olive oil and other related products - Can be rubbed on the body in areas of pain, or drank sparingly in small amounts.

Chamomile - To be boiled and consumed as a herbal tea

Ibn Roomiyah Mixture
- To be used for bathing

Black Musk Itr - Can be mixed with olive oil and applied to the body on areas of pain

Rock Salt - Can be used for salt bath, or used in cooking.

Please Contact us for Pricing Information and Order

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